Our process

In the words of Gabrielle Chanel, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” The legendary couturier could’ve easily been describing the instantly recognizable designs of her signature jackets, which are certainly irreplaceable and incomparable.

Here is a look into our process of bringing you the vintage Chanel jackets - from finding the right piece to arriving in our store.

Getting the right Chanel jacket is like a treasure hunt and here we do all the hunting for you. No stone is left unturned or closet left unopened. We source jackets that are timeless in design, are in good vintage condition and are going to last for many more years. 


When we locate the right jacket our work with it just begins. Before each item becomes available for purchase, we authenticate every jacket to make sure you only get the genuine article. If we have any questions about a jacket’s origin, we work closely with Real Authenticators, a luxury authentication service, to ensure that you purchase 100% original Chanel jackets.


After the jacket has been authenticated, we work our magic to bring the item back to its original glory. Many of the timeless jackets we source were created from anywhere between the 60’s to the 00’s, including one of a kind haute-couture pieces. The jackets carried the stories of the amazing women who wore them and now need a little extra love and care. We condition the jackets, repair when needed, and remove any imperfections by hand during an elaborative and time consuming process. If any buttons are missing, we take the time to source hard to find original vintage buttons, which can take up to months to secure.


Last but not least, we meticulously measure each jacket to understand both its form and fit. This helps us provide you with comprehensive descriptions of every collectible Chanel jacket in our store. At the same time, we take detailed images so you can easily see the condition and features of the rare design. Finally, we choose just the right moment for the big reveal, to show you our latest precious treasures ready to travel to their new homes.